Weddings at Central Church

Wedding Information


Rental of the building: $750*

A $100 deposit is required at the time of scheduling your wedding.

Fees must be paid to the office prior to the rehearsal. Make all checks payable to Central Church.

*If you are an active, tithing member of Central Church, the wedding fee is $300. Contact the office for more information.

What’s Included

2 Changing Rooms Included, Each Additional: $25

Full custodial services consisting of cleaning sanctuary, halls, restrooms and dressing rooms.

This also includes a sound technician, present for the wedding.


We are sorry, but we currently do not allow receptions at the church facilities.

*It is customary to extend an honorarium to the Pastor, any soloist, organist, or other musician.

*Central Church Wedding Policies*

1. The Wedding Application must be completed, signed, and returned to the church.

2. It is expected that members of the wedding party conduct themselves in a manner befitting a place of worship.

3. Wedding attire should be modest.

4. Smoking/vaping is not permitted anywhere inside the building.

5. No alcoholic beverages will be served or consumed on the church premises. Members of the wedding party should not attend the rehearsal or wedding ceremony intoxicated.

6. The music of the wedding service should be appropriate of the church. It is the responsibility of the bride to see that music rehearsals are scheduled for all singers and instrumentalists. Because of time, songs will not be rehearsed during the rehearsal of the wedding.

7. Central Church requires all couples wishing to be married to complete the pre-marital counseling program offered at Central. This program consists of 4-6 counseling sessions, outside work, and a commitment to attend a minimum of 3 Sunday church services at Central Church prior to the wedding date

8. Rehearsals must be completed and the sanctuary must be cleared by 7:00 p.m. Friday evenings.

9. It is required by the State of Iowa to have a valid marriage license. It is necessary for the groom to provide the officiate minister with a valid marriage license before the wedding may begin (preferably before the rehearsal). After the ceremony, the officiate will complete the license with the signature of bride and groom along with two witnesses. The officiate will return the license to the couple for them to submt to the County Clerk’s office.

10. Confetti and rice may not be thrown in the church or on the premises. Bird seed, however, may be thrown OUTSIDE the building. The ushers are responsible for carrying out the policy.

11. Carpet must have protection from dripping candles by placing plastic underneath candle holders.

12. No adhesive material should be attached to painted surfaces. All decorations which require attachment to the walls or structure of the building must be cleared through the office. Please obtain permission before moving furniture or fixtures.

13. Decorations may be set up the afternoon before the wedding day and should be removed from the church immediately following the ceremony. They cannot be stored at the church.

14. Members of the wedding are only permitted in pre-designated areas of the facility. The main floor classroom, nursery space and upstairs lounge are allowed for preparation.

15. All weddings must be officiated by a Central Church pastor or an appointed leader of Central Church. Special requests may be considered to allow outside clergy to assist in the wedding ceremony.


The following guidelines will help you schedule your wedding:
1. Complete the Wedding Application and submit with deposit.

2. Call the church office and schedule a counseling session with the Pastor or his assigned representative. Note: Your request will be reviewed by the pastoral staff for final approval.

3. Providing the date selected is available, if the Pastor or his assigned representative is available, and your request has been approved by the pastoral staff, your wedding date will be placed on the church calendar. Every effort is made to accommodate your request; however, in the case of a scheduling conflict, an alternate date should be considered.

4. Shortly after your request is confirmed, you will be contacted by the church staff to begin preparations for your wedding.