Weddings at Central Church

Wedding Information


Rental of the building: $750*

A $100 deposit is required at the time of scheduling your wedding.

Fees must be paid to the office prior to the rehearsal. Make all checks payable to Central Church.

*If you are an active, tithing member of Central Church, the wedding fee is $300. Contact the office for more information.


What’s Included

2 Changing Rooms Included, Each Additional: $25

Full custodial services consisting of cleaning sanctuary, halls, restrooms and dressing rooms.

This also includes a sound technician, present for the wedding.



We are sorry, but we currently do not allow receptions at the church facilities.


Other Notes

All weddings must be officiated by a Central Church pastor or an appointed leader of Central Church.

*It is customary to extend an honorarium to the Pastor, any soloist, organist, or other musician.

Central Church does not permit alcohol on the premises.