Central Church presents Central Bark dog park, a community dog park!

Central Bark is open on the east side of Central Church's property and is a safe place for your favorite canine to run and socialize with other dogs.


We are asking patrons to support the dog park with one-time donations, plus an annual $25 suggested donation.


– To decrease the spread of disease, and to maintain a quality dog park, handlers must pick up and dispose of their dog’s waste. Waste stations are provided for your convenience.
– Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damages caused by them. This park is under video surveillance.
– Puppies and dogs must be properly licensed, inoculated and healthy.
– Animals should wear a collar and ID tags at all times.
– Dogs showing aggression towards people or other animals must be removed from the park immediately.
– Animals who exhibit a history of aggressive behavior will not be permitted.
– Dogs under 4 months old and females in heat are prohibited.
– Owners should not leave their dogs unattended or allowed out of sight. Children under 12 years old must also be supervised by an adult.
– Each adult handler may not have more than three dogs at a time.
– Owners must carry a leash at all times. Dogs should be leashed before entering and prior to leaving the park.
– Central Bark is tobacco-free.
– Alcohol is not allowed within Central Bark or in the parking lot.
– Human food is not allowed in Central Bark. Dogs may become aggressive around human food.
– Violators will be subject to removal from the park and suspension of park privileges.
– Suggested donation for dog park use: $25.00/year
– For questions/concerns: call 712-292-1916.
Park Hours: Dawn to 9:00pm